About us

Podium System is a brand from TransportLEAD Sweden AB who are a company in the Jambiz Group. Podium was created 10 years ago when the founders saw significant needs for modern and effective planning tools. Back then it was basically only for the tourism but have later on developed to fit more areas such as transport and logistics, industries and other areas where planning tools are needed. The advantage of Podium compared to many other systems is that the system with its modules is complete and covers the whole and not only answers the parts you ask for but also has additional functionality and modules that can be added for any future needs.
In addition, Podium is currently being run on a large scale both nationally and internationally and is in this way well proven in its functionality but also in terms of qualitative management and support management. We deliver security for the customer with the help and expertise of our trusted partner ProgressLEAD in project management, management and change management.

In order to create security the system:

• Effectively supports the work
• Is flexible and adapts to local needs
• Support competence development and learning
• Be reasonably easy to learn
• Be “Obvious”, minimize unnecessary cognitive burdens
• Have high-tech reliability
• Provide a good overview of the work
• Create security.

The fact that ProgressLEAD is also a certified trainer in project management and has a great experience of training cares about a quality and standard that stands out in the market.


Jon Holmström

CEO / Sales and Project Manager

Americo Albuquerque

Chief Information Officer

Oscar Nilsson

Team Lead - Developer

Andreas Schüldt

Business Developer

Jörgen Lindahl

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Hellström


Joakim Göransson


Emelie Lundin Jönler

Business and People Coordinator

Malena Bengtsson


Mikael Fredman

Business Developer

Paola Van Den Bor

UX Designer - Developer

Mattias Caspersen

Business Developer

Qiling Tan